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  • What are the main services that Building Solutions offers?
    Building Solutions offers a wide variety of services, including thermal insulation, basement waterproofing, pool waterproofing, joint waterproofing, terraces and balconies waterproofing, flat roofs waterproofing, ventilated facades, anti-corrosion and refractory facades.
  • What is the company's address?
    Building Solutions is located at 134 A. Beliashvili str
  • What is the company's phone number?
    Building Solutions can be reached at +995 32 252 80 69.
  • Is Building Solutions Hiring
    Yes You can Check Your vacancies here
  • What is the company's email address?
    Building Solutions can be reached at
  • Does Building Solutions offer any sustainable construction materials or practices?
    Yes, Building Solutions is committed to sustainability and offers a variety of eco-friendly products and practices, such as energy-efficient insulation materials and low-VOC paints.
  • Does Building Solutions have any quality certifications?
    Yes, Building Solutions is ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating its commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction.
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