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Jotun Paints Inspired By Nature

Inspired By Nature

We see an ever-growing, global trend for soothing and harmonious color combinations put together in a sophisticated way. In response to this, Jotun's new color card offers a wide range of nature's own green shades as well as fresh blue colors and soft gray shades, which are reminiscent of the meditative effects we find in the sky and sea.

Soothing Green

Green colors give immediate associations to the tranquility of nature and create a room with a relaxing atmosphere. The palette of tone-on-tone colours, with roots in nature, recreates the peace that you can find in a clearing in the forest, and the atmosphere in the home becomes both light and fresh – and soothing.

028-jotun-7386-pistachio_1440x1480 (1).webp

Warm and down to earth

Soil and sand, shells and stones... Nature offers far more colors than green. Solid earth tones, muted yellow shades and warm reds can give associations to a magnificent landscape of mountains and desert. Beautiful, endless natural riches that glow in the sunrise. 


Art of balance

Neutral colors are a good starting point, regardless of style. These timeless and muted colors, which range from golden beige to fresh gray tones, will bring harmony to the home. Combine different, neutral colors in the same room and create a delicate and sophisticated atmosphere.

Jotun Paints Color Pallets

Out in the blue

The new color True Blue is a fresh and clean, blue shade with immediate associations with sky and sea. As a perfect partner to neutral Classic White, it demonstrates how small touches of color have a transformative effect on the interior.

Jotun Paints Blue Interior, True blue
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